theatre: plays

The theme of Polish post-accession migration to the British Isles has also found its way into the theatre. The following section lists plays that elaborate on the topic and have been staged in Ireland or Great Britain since 2004. The plays were classified according to the country where they were first performed.


Bolger, Dermot. The Townlands of Brazil. Dir. Ray Yeates. Dublin: Axis Art Centre, 2006.

McCafferty, Owen. Quietly. Dir. Jimmy Fay. Dublin: Abbey Theatre, 2012.

Meade, Paul. Mushroom. Dir. Paul Meade. Dublin: Civic Theatre, 2007.


Grosvenor, Catherine. Cherry Blossom. Dir. Lorne Campbell. Edinburgh: Traverse, 2008.

Stride, Gavin. The Polish Play. Craigellachie: Craigellachie Village Hall, 2008.

Werenowska, Nicola. Tu i teraz (Here and Now). Dir. Sam Potter. UK: Hampstead Theatre, 2013.


- Compiled by Joanna Kosmalska