critical texts

working papers

MLK Working Papers include pre-published academic writings. The main aim of this section is to quickly disseminate recent, or significant for the current state of research, materials in order to share ideas about the influence of post‑enlargement migrations of Poles on literature and culture. The texts may be cited provided that the author is given credit and the source is mentioned in the bibliography or annotation.

Copyright to articles in MLK Working Papers remains with the authors. Upon print publication, it is therefore the authors responsibility to notify us that the text should be removed from the website or transferred to another section. The papers are initially reviewed and they are accepted or rejected for publication, but their quality may differ and it is not guaranteed by the Archive’s Editorial Board.

Researchers interested in submitting work to this section are kindly asked to contact Joanna Kosmalska.


  • Dzięglewski, Mariusz,
    The experience of migration and spheres of social life: economics, politics, media and literature, Pedagogical University of Cracow, 2016. pdf
  • Parker, Michael,

    Out of Place: Representations of the Eastern European Migrant in Rose Tremain’s “The Road Home,” University of Central Lancashire, 2015. pdf