Zamachowska, Monika


Monika Zamachowska (previous name Richardson) (born 1972 in Wrocław) is a Polish journalist. Her debut book, Lubię być Polakiem (I like being Polish), which is a compilation of twenty interviews, was published in Wrocław in 2008 by Wydawnictwo Dolnośląskie. It has been followed by Moja Europa da się lubić (My Europe Is Likeable, 2008), Thelma and Louise (2011) and Polki na Bursztynowym Szlaku (Polish Women on the Amber Route, 2012). Her autobiographical book Pożegnanie z Anglią (Farewell to England, 2012) describes daily life of the English people from the perspective of a Polish migrant.

She has been working as a host and a journalist for Channel 2 Polish Public Televison since 1995. She ran a number of TV shows, Kulty popkultury (1996), Europejczycy (2005), and Europa da się lubić (2003-2008) among others. Zamachowska received numerous awards, including the Award of International News Commentators’ Club (2003), The European Screen Award of Business Center Club (2004) and Telekamera (2005). Between 2006-2008 she was the editor-in-chief of the Polish monthly for women Zwierciadło.

She lives and works in Warsaw.

– compiled by Milena Pachucka

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