Mickiewicz, Anna Maria


Anna Maria Mickiewicz (born in Lublin) is a Polish-born poet, writer and editor, who publishes both in Polish and English. Her debut collection of poems, Dziewanna (Muellin), was published in Warsaw in 1984 by Galeria Słowa. An extended version of the book was reissued under a new title Proscenium in 2010 and it has been followed by London Manuscript (2014). Her poems were included in a range of anthologies: Chopin with Cherries. A Tribute in Verse (2010), Piękni ludzie: Poeci mojej emigracji (Beautiful People. Poets of My Emigration, 2012), Through A Child’s Eyes: Poems from World War Two (2013), and Contemporary Writers of Poland (2013) among others. She has also contributed to a number of magazines including The Davis Enterprise, The Exiled Ink and Syndic Literary Journal. She was chosen the Poet of the Year 2013 by ‘Miasto Literatów 2000++’, an American literary portal.

She lives and works in London.


– compiled by Paulina Piekarska


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