Rossakovsky-Lloyd, Frederick


Frederick Rossakovsky-Lloyd (born 1973 in Częstochowa) is a Polish poet, artist, and philosopher. He graduated in philosophy from the University of Paris. His debut collection of poems, I’m Coming Out of the Drawer, was published in 1994. It has been followed by nine poetry books: Dream Phantoms (2001), Katamorgana Futura (2003), Diffido (2012), and Śūnyatā (2013) among others. He has written several dramas, three of which were staged – Cucumber Juice, Mrs Majewska, and Confession. He is the editor-in-chief of two journals, the quarterly E=Sztuka do Kwadratu and an annual poetry magazine Białe Kroniki.

Rossakovsky-Lloyd has also set up the 2Kings&LUV Publishing House in London and the literary website He is an active member of numerous cultural and literary organisations, such as the Association of Polish Writers Abroad, KaMPe and English Pen among others. He was awarded the UNESCO World Poetry Day Prize in 2015.

As regards his painting career, he has already had forty-eight individual exhibitions in numerous cities all over the world including London, New York, Tokyo, and Tel-Aviv. He has lived and worked in London since 2004.

– compiled by Agnieszka Kurzawa

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