Mielcarek, Tomasz


Tomasz Mielcarek (born 1974 in Szczecinek) is a Polish poet, translator and freelance journalist, who moved to the UK in 2008. His debut poetry collection Obecność (Presence) was published in Łódź in 2014 by Dom Literatury. The book won him Jacek Bierezin Prize for Poetry, a prestigious prize awarded to outstanding debut poets. Extensively anthologized, his poems have been translated into English, Belarusian, German, Russian and Slovak. He has also contributed to a number of magazines, including Arterie, Fraza, Odra, Poezja Dzisiaj, Знаци, Духовност без граписи (Bulgaria), Enter (Slovakia), Melusine (USA), Białe Kroniki, E-Sztuka, and The Polish Observer (UK). He is a member of the artistic group KaMPe.

Tomasz Mielcarek lives and works in London.


– compiled by Monika Milczarek


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