Zimny-Louis, Magdalena


Magdalena Zimny-Louis (born 1966 in Rzeszów) is a Polish writer and translator. Her debut novel, Ślady hamowania (Skid Marks), based on her own experiences as a translator for British police and courts, was published in Zakrzewo in 2011 under the Replika imprint. It has been followed by two novels: Pola (2012) and Kilka przypadków szczęśliwych (A Few Lucky Coincidences, 2014). She won Pisz do Pilcha Competition in 2005 and Pióro i Pazur Award in 2013.

She ran the Ipswich Witches Speedway Club and worked as a journalist for car magazines, such as Weekly Speedway, Speedway Star, Evening Star, Slag, and Tempo. Having spent 25 years in the UK, she moved back to Rzeszów.

− compiled by Patrycja Palińska

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